NJ house party of 700+ shutdown

Jackson, New Jersey – The house was described as an elegant 3,700 sq ft house, and the party organizers got it off of Airbnb.

Patience Guanue, 23, and Alicia Hinneh, 22, and the owner of the Airbnb, Yaakov Weiss, 40, was charged with violating the governor’s executive order that limits the size of gatherings. The local authorities spent nearly five hours trying to clear the party and get the party-goers to leave.

Organizers, Guanue and Hinneh, has been removed from the Airbnb platform, and the homeowner, Weiss, the account has been deactivated while the authorities investigate the matter more.

Airbnb released the following statement, “We strongly condemn the reported behavior, which represents both a clear violation of Airbnb’s community policies and a particularly serious abuse during this public health crisis.”

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