Mother charged with the death of her three-month-old infant

Atlanta, Georgia – After using a vehicle to ram another vehicle that her boyfriend and three-month-old daughter were in. Titayanna Phillips, 21, has been charged with murder for the death of her daughter.

As reported on Tuesday, Philips intentionally struck her boyfriend’s vehicle several times after he tried driving away. Philips’s boyfriend, Undra Henderson, 27, and their three-month-old daughter, Khy’undra Henderson, were taken to the hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported speaking to a witness that stated, “The car was turned sideways over here against the tree and she was ramming her car into the side of (it),” neighbor Tarangela Jones told the news station. “She was screaming, ‘I told him I’d kill him,’ and then she was like, ‘Can y’all get my baby out of the car?”

With at least two police encounters these past several weeks, Philips might have been battling mental health illnesses of her own. Philips had an open case with the Division of Family and Children’s Services and “numerous current mental and physical health issues which remain unresolved.”

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