Breonna Taylor graces the cover of “O”

For the first time in the magazine’s existence, Oprah Winfrey is not gracing the cover of a lifestyle magazine that she founded, “O.”

O Magazine

Instead, people are finding the September issue with Breonna Taylor, the EMT employee who tragically lost her life during a botch no-knock warrant raid. Breonna was sleeping in her bed when police busted into her apartment. Breonna’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, thought a robbery was taking place and grabbed his gun, and starting shooting at the officers.

Breonna was pronounced dead at the scene while her boyfriend was arrested and later released. No one has yet to be charged for Taylor’s death.

Oprah wrote, “Only in the wake of George Floyd’s filmed execution was national attention brought to the shooting death of Breonna Taylor, two and a half months after she was killed,” Winfrey stated in the column. “Pleas for justice have fallen on deaf ears. As I write this, in early July, just one of the three officers involved has been dismissed from the police force. This officer blindly fired ten rounds from his gun, some of which went into the adjoining apartment. The other two officers still have their jobs.”

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