A Colin Kaepernick jersey is used for a Navy Seal K-9 exercise

St. Lucie County, Florida – A Navy Seal museum is under fire as a year-old video surfaced showing a K-9 attack exercise using a Colin Kaepernick substitute as the target at a fundraiser.

Billy Corben, a documentary filmmaker, loaded the video on Twitter and it immediately went viral. The Navy Seal Museum is no way affiliated with the Department of Defense, but they released as a statement:

“We became aware today of a video of a Navy Seal Museum event posted last year with the military working demonstration. In the demonstration, the target is wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey. The inherent message of this video is completely inconsistent with the values and ethos of the Naval Special Warfare and the U.S. Navy. We are investigating the matter fully, and initial indications are that there were no active-duty Navy personnel or equipment involved with this independent organization’s event.”

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