JW Lucas apologies for his remarks about Breonna Taylor

The past few days have been kind of hectic for Hip Hop producer, JW Lucas, because of his tweets about inaccurate and misleading information about Breonna Taylor.

“Why is the world asking for justice for Breonna Taylor? Of course, she shouldn’t have lost her life…but you do realize that she was involved with multiple drug dealers who were using her house as a trap spot? If you sign up for that life, there are consequences.”

In a matter of days, he has gone from an unknown producer to the most hated producer in Hip Hop. During an interview with, Tamika Mallory, Lucas told her, “I should be a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement because I am more capable than you.”

Lucas also said to the hosts of Hip Hop today, “you calling me a culture vulture? When I am telling you that I bring more to Hip Hop culture than anyone in it, period!”

The Breakfast Club took it upon themselves on Friday to label Lucas their “Donkey of the day.”

Since Lucas appointment of the “Donkey of the day,” he has issued an apology. “

“I feel terrible about what I said regarding Breonna Taylor’s case. Then timing and nature in general were insensitive to Breonna, her family, and a lot of people fighting for her justice. I also want to apologize for involving myself too aggressively in issues that Black people are facing. I’ve let my passion and interest for being involved in change lead to me to say things that I regret. 1) my wording that her house was used as a “trap house.” 2) speaking on potential consequences of her involvement 3) speaking on her case in general at this time. To all of those I offended I a sincerely apologetic and I am going to humble myself. I realize that I was out of line. I love you all and I pray we can unify together.”

Mallory has vowed to haunt Lucas for the rest of his life by making sure that no one ever works with him again, and that he has no place within the Black culture with his superior mindset of White privilege.

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