White woman harrases a landscaping crew of color

Somewhere, Florida – While peacefully trying to do their job a woman comes out and harrases a landscaping crew parked in front of her house.

A four or five-man crew of various races, the woman picks on two particular men of color. She yells from the top of her lungs… “Yeah! You f*cking b*tch!!!” and repeats it over and over. All while maintaining their composure, the men try to keep their distance from the woman. She then resorts to yelling out loud at them, “Yeah. You f*cking n!gger b*tch!!!” Again, repeating it over and over.

A White male neighbor tries to come over defuse the situation, but she ends up jumping on him as well.

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Miles J. Edwards

Born with a little California Love, and raised with a little SouthernPlayalisticCadillacFunkyMusic.

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