Trump: “Make America Great Again”

President Donald Trump ran on the platform of, “Making America Great Again.” Now he is at it again by reusing the platform to help him win a second term.

Facebook user, Matthew Schmookler, posted an email that he had received from President Trump’s campaign. With the letterhead in big blue and red colors, “Trump/Pence: Make America Great Again.” The email opens with: “Friend… Have you seen the line-up for the Democratic Convention tonight?”

The emails goes on kicking and throwing punches at the Democratic party, “Just when I thought this pathetic event couldn’t get more CORRUPT, they decide to bring in CROOKED Hillary, Crazy Nancy, Pocahontas, Phony Kamala, and Lyin’ Obama all in ONE NIGHT.”

The email continues to go on and say, “All of these Radical Democrats HATE me and they HATE YOU too my friend.”

Schmookler said he received the email because he sighed up for one of Trump’s rallies as part of a massive troll some time ago, and is still receiving emails.

By spreading lies to the American people and calling members of the opposing party childish names. Trump and Vice-President Pence is going up against Democratic Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris for a second term in the oval office.

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