Wal-Mart prepares to tackle Amazon head-on

The battle of the two retail giants is heating up as Wal-Mart starts a membership program similar to Amazon’s.

On September 15th Wal-Mart will be starting “Wal-Mart Plus” for an annual cost of $98 or $12.95 a month. Compared to Amazon’s Prime membership for $119, Wal-Mart Plus will be offering more options to its customers. Members of the Wal-Mart Plus will have same-day delivery of items $35 and more, cashier-less checkout on the Wal-Mart app, and more.

Previously known as, “Delivery Unlimited,” after experiencing growth in their eCommerce operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wal-Mart wanted to keep the momentum going by revamping its membership program and rebranding its membership program to be more attractive.

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