$12 million Breonna Taylor civil settlement with the city of Louisville

Louisville, Kentucky – Though Mayor Greg Fischer never acknowledged whether or not the Louisville Police Department was wrong in the death of Breonna Taylor. He did acknowledge Breonna’s mother, Tamika Palmer. “I cannot begin to imagine Ms. Palmer’s pain,” Fischer said. “And I am deeply, deeply sorry for Breonna’s death.”

In the city’s largest civil suit ever settled, the city of Louisville will be paying $12 million dollars and initiating several reforms such as require commanders to review and approve search warrants before seeking judicial approval, the city agreeing to establish a housing credit program as an incentive for officers to live in the areas they serve, and use social workers to provide support on certain police runs.

“Justice for Breonna means that we will continue to save lives in her honor,” said Tamika Palmer, Taylor’s mother. “No amount of money accomplishes that, but the police reform measures that we were able to get passed as a part of this settlement mean so much more to my family, our community, and to Breonna’s legacy.”

Still to this day, none of the police officers involved in the raid have not been charged for the murder of Breonna Taylor on the night of March 13th. The police were looking for a suspect that was already in their custody. Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, was arrested and charged with attempted murder and first-degree assault after shooting back at the police during the raid. Charges against Walker were later dropped.

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