Man refuses to allow cops to break his car windows to rescue his infant child

Las Vegas, Nevada – Most fathers wouldn’t hesitate to do what one must do to rescue the ones that they love, but not this father… He wouldn’t allow cops to break the windows of the car that his infant daughter was suffocating in.

Sidney Deal, 27, flagged down a cop to help him get this daughter of the car. An officer offered to call a tow truck, locksmith an even offered to break the window, but Deal did not want his window broken due to insurance costs.

Deal’s one-year-old, Sayah, continued to sit in the overheated car until authorities finally broke a window to rescue her. Sayah was unresponsive and die at the scene.

Deal has been arrested and his daughter’s cause of death is currently being investigated.

Sidney Deal

READ MORE: Father of baby found dead inside car rejected offers to break window to avoid repair bill

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