Samuel L. Jackson: Vote dammit… VOTE!!!

Mr. Jackson has begun airing on television endorsing President Trump’s Democratic challengers, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in his own encouraging words.

The commercial opens up with a collage of various photos and videos from other the years of Black people being prevented to vote. Jackson begins to speak with a voiceover, “voter suppression has taken many forms. First, they used the poll taps to keep Black folks from voting. Then there was the literacy test. Racial terrorism and violence. New day. Same old dirty tricks.”

Flash forward to images of today: House Speaker Mitch McConnell, people protesting for the right to vote and President Donald Trump.

Jackson goes on to say, “if your vote didn’t matter. They wouldn’t try so hard to take it away from you. Vote early. Vote like your life depends on it. I am exercising my right to vote and you should too. Not because I want you to. Well.. Because he doesn’t.” Suddenly a couple of images of President Donald Trump is flashed.

Jackson ends the commercial by saying, “VOTE DAMMIT! VOTE!!!”

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