666 migrant children are separated from their parents

After promising a wall to separate the U.S. from Mexico to prevent illegal border crossings. The Trump administration adopted a strict policy that prosecuted anyone trying to cross the border illegally. While in the process of enforcing the policy, hundreds of underage children were separated from their parents.

The original number was thought to be 545, but The Grio is now reporting that there are 666 migrant children whose parents can’t be located.

The American Civil Liberties Union claims that some parents were deported back to Central America with no information to reach them. While others have returned back to their native homes.

“What has happened is horrific,” Lee Gelernt, deputy director of the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project, told NPR in October. “Some of these children were just babies when they were separated. Some of these children may now have been separated for more than half of their lives. Almost their whole life, they have not been with their parents.”

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