The coronavirus can lay dormant in your brain and later reactivate

Studies have shown that the coronavirus is capable of hiding in your brain where it is safe from treatments.

Atlanta’s WSBTV has reported that researchers at Georgia State University have discovered through the study of mice that the Coronavirus may clear the lungs, but not the body.

Lead researcher, Dr. Mukesh Kumar, an associate professor in the Department of Biology, states “(The) brain is one of the organs where viruses like to hide. We know that because there is no immune response. So viruses like to go to a place and hide where they can be safe. It’s hard for a virus to hide in your lungs. It’s much easier for the virus to hide in your central nervous system.”

WSBTV continues to report, “When the virus reaches the brain it can cause low level inflammation and even make people more susceptible to brain diseases like auto-immune disease and Parkinson’s. Kumar emphasized how crucial it is to wear a mask and cover your nose to protect from having the virus enter there and go directly into your brain. GSU researchers say there is plenty of work ahead of them since there’s still a lot to learn about coronavirus.”

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