Lattes and Lacefronts

Comedian, Gary Owens, makes a stop in Atlanta and post on Facebook about his visit to the hotel’s Starbuck location. The comedian jokes about two women that were also visiting the Starbucks, but in their bedroom attire.

He posted, “So I go to Starbucks inside the hotel & these ladies are real comfortable. Slippers, housecoat, but they did wear their masks. Only in Atlanta.” #GoodMorning #Lattes&Lacefronts #GetSome.

The post has since gone viral and there were followers of Owens took up for the two women.

“In a hotel I’d say this is perfectly acceptable and anyone who tries to tell them it’s not is going to get one of them house shoes up side the head.”

“And that’s they business in my tabitha brown voice”

“You just as bougie as them. Hotel has Starbucks inside. Ain’t mad at you, I would do the same lol.”

“How is that ghetto? lol we don’t know what time these ladies came down. They are covered. If they weren’t it would have still been a problem. Some of y’all need to learn to mind the business that pays YOU!”

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