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New Features on A.T.L. Webmag

Art, Trade & Lifestyle is the evolution of a new era of storytelling. Our goal is to educate, empower and entertain with editorial and creative content that is commercial with an alternative appeal.  In order to achieve that goal, we have an original vision to tell original stories with our very own original voice.

Founded in January of 2010 in the eastern Atlanta metropolitan community of Belvedere Park, Georgia. Art, Trade & Lifestyle was original created as a web magazine called, ATL Webmag, that covered metro Atlanta news.

With a need to cover more than just metro Atlanta news,  ATL Webmag incorporated as “Art, Trade & Lifestyle Media Group,” and expanded to include national news stories. Currently, with operations in metro Atlanta and the California Bay Area, it is our goal to have a bureau in all 50 states to cover the news in all communities across the country. After 11 years of learning the business of media, many fails and many accomplished feats.

We believe we have finally found our niche and are implementing our first stage to embrace our vision. Starting Monday, February 15, A.T.L. Webmag will begin operating subdomains and they will solely publish and produce content pertaining to their particular communities. For example, one of our first three subdomains will be centered around the state of Georgia ( The Georgia subdomain will have a domain will operate very similar to our original A.T.L. Webmag site, but with news, content and etc pertaining to the state of Georgia only. For readers that visit our site and are only interested in Georgia-related news, they will be able to find everything and more of what they are looking for there in the subdomain: politics, education, sports, entertainment, calendar events, weather and etc.

The other two subdomains we will also be launching Monday will be California and North Carolina. In due time we will be rolling out other subdomains for the rest of the 50 states and also for all seven contents: i.e.,, and etc. Preview content will be published on homepage and once clicked on for additional viewing, you will be automatically be taken to the community of the article where your article of interest is based in.
If interested in sponsorship opportunities, we have several community and media-based projects available that will allow us to work together locally, regionally, nationwide, and overseas. We look forward to serving our communities not only here in Atlanta, but throughout the world in this new era of media evolution that we plan on leading by using our original voice to share original stories of Art, Trade & Lifestyle.

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