British woman persuaded to drink her urine to rid herself of Covid-19

Some people have conspiracy theories and don’t trust their government when it comes to pandemics. For one British woman, she would much rather believe the unconfirmed rumors Covid-19 cures.

The city of Westminster is reporting that a woman received information from a family member or friend that human urine help fights Covid-19. The woman and her children drunk their urine every morning for four days. The woman was a strong believer in natural remedies and believe that Bill and Melinda Gates would introduce vaccinations that would be harmful to her family.

Medical News Today reiterates that urine is waste, “which means that it contains things that the body does not need or that may be harmful.” Medical News Today goes on to explain all that urine contains:

Urine is mostly water, but it has other components as well. Every day, a person urinates:

  • 25 grams (g) of urea, a waste compound that comes from the metabolic breakdown of proteins
  • 10 g of electrolytes, such as sodium
  • 3 g of phosphate and other organic acids
  • 1.5 g of creatinine, a waste product resulting from the breakdown of muscle tissue
  • 1 g of uric acid, a chemical created by breaking down substances called purines in food
  • 40–80 milligrams of trace proteins, such as albumin”
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