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DeKalb police officer barges into a resident’s home

Lithonia, Georgia – A metro Atlanta police officer from the community of Lithonia is caught on camera by a Ring device barging into a resident’s home.

The beginning of the video opens with the officer being accompanied by two other officers as they all waited for someone to come to the door. The resident, “Kathryn,” answers the door in a bath rob after just finishing bathing. The DeKalb Police Officer greets “Kathryn” as she walks up to the door, “Hello. How are you doing ma’am?” Hesitant to open the door, Kathryn speaks to the officers through the foyer door, “Hello.” The DeKalb Police Officer asks, “Would you open the door for me?”

“No,” says “Kathyrn.”

The officer, “I am sorry?”

Again, “Kathyrn” responds, “No.”

The officer states that they received a call regarding a disturbance. “Kathryn” explains to the officer that there have not been any problems in her home; sharing that the only people in her home were her, her mother, and her granddaughter.

The officer begins asking questions about two vehicles parked in front of “Kathryn’s” home. The more “Kathyrn” spoke, she is forced to open the foyer door to allow the police officers to hear her clearly. “Kathryn” explains that the vehicles belong to her husband and sister. Her husband was working on both vehicles and was out running errands with their daughter.

Suddenly without any delay, the officer quickly grabs the door and barges his way into “Kathryn’s” home with another officer following in behind him. Off-camera, you can hear a lot of rumbling and “Kathyrn” yelling for the officers to stop by yelling “wait.”

“Kathyrn” shared that she was placed in custody and sat in the back of a police car. A supervisor arrived and “Kathyrn” said he was very pleasant. The supervisor asked a few questions and later released “Kathyrn” without any charges. “Kathyrn” strongly believes that the officers were actually suspicious of the two vehicles in front of her home. The officers were never investigating a disturbance call, they were only using that as an excuse to open dialogue to investigate the vehicles.

“Kathryn” and her husband were later granted a meeting with a DeKalb Police Department sergeant, and the sergeant stated that the officer who rushed her was well within his rights of doing. A.T.L. Webmag is currently making efforts to reach out to the DeKalb Police Department to speak with them about the incident.

Update (Friday, March 5, 2021): DeKalb County Police Department’s Public Information Officer has responded to our email and has informed us that that they are conducting a full investigation of the matter and is in contact with “Kathryn” regarding the matter.

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