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A kid gets stuck playing in the laundry shoot

In a comedic but, terrifying moment for one kid gets serious when he becomes stuck in a laundry shoot. Along with other kids, the kid appeared to somehow climb into a household laundry shoot.

The video starts with the mother walking into a bathroom with two kids trying their best to prevent the third kid from falling down into the laundry shoot. The kid is whining and trying his best to get out of the laundry shoot and the mother can’t help but laugh at him.

The whines, “Please. Please, mommy.” The kid slips, “I AM ABOUT TO GO DOWN!!!”

Credit: Terry Armstrong/Facebook

The mother continues recording while she laughs, “Why are you in the laundry shoot?”

One of the assisting kids pauses and asks, “Wait. You got laundry?!?!?!”

The kid stutters out of fright as he tries to explain himself, “Because I… I went in there.” The slips a little screams out, “MOMMY!!”

The kid was perfectly fine and learned a lesson of things that he should never do again, and also provided a story that the family will laugh and talk about for years.

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