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Do you want to get away? Cheap get away flights for $50 roundtrip

If you are looking to get away now is the time to do so

Frontier Airlines currently has some cheap flights available for as low as $50 round trip. Out of Atlanta, we found round-trip flights to Denver, Colorado, for $50.

And round trip flights to Cincinnati, Ohio, for as low as $77 round trip.

There are dozens of other departing and arriving locations to choose from to get these great deals.

Interested? Visit www.flyfrontier.com and select your departing arriving cities. Book at least two months away and choose a day Sunday – Thursday to leave and return, and place in the promo code section: “GoGreen” to receive an extra 50% off.

You may have to play with the dates a couple of times to find a great deal, but the cheap flights are out there to be take advantage of. There’s no word of how long the 50% promo code will last. So take advantage of them now while you can!!!

Also, please take full advantage of Frontier’s discount program, “Discount Den.” The discount program allows you to take an additional discount off your selected flight and other exclusive perks:

  1. Additional bag
  2. Seat Selection
  3. Priority Boarding
  4. Flight flexibility
  5. And more…

Discount Den also allows you to travel with up to six people, and you all will receive the same pricing and flight benefits. You can also travel with a child for free (check terms).

The Discount Den comes in two different tiers or you can design a package of your own. The annual cost of Discount Den will easily pay for itself over time and usage.

Be diligent in your search and just may be able to find something cheaper!!!

Safe travels!!!

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