Four dead after an argument about a stimulus check

Indianapolis, Indiana – Many have a lot of unanswered questions after a quadruple murder case Sunday. There are reports that the murder resulted from an argument about a stimulus check.

Malik Halfacre, 25, is facing murder charges, attempted murder and robbery. Halfacre is accused of murdering three adults and a child:
Eve Moore, 7

Dequan Moore,

Anthony Johnson, 35

Tomeeka Brown, 44

Halfacre shares a six-month-old child with a surviving victim, Jeanettrius Moore, Moore shared that Halfacre was upset about her not sharing a stimulus check with him. Able to get away to seek help, Moore went to a neighbor’s home and waited until police arrived. Halfacre took his six-month-old child and was a part of a standoff with police for three hours before giving up.

Cedric Lewis, a family member of the surviving victim, Jeanettrius Moore, has responded to our story on our Facebook page by providing us with the GoFundMe page for the family. There appear to be several fake GoFundMe pages misrepresenting the grieving family.

If you would like to make a donation to help the family. Please follow the following link below:
Help Jeanettrius, survivor of quadruple homicide

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