Booise Badazz pays a man $500 to be able to give him a badazz slap

While filming a music video in North Carolina with DaBaby, Boosie paid a man $500 to be able to slap him.

The scene is set. Boosie and the DaBaby walks up to the counter of a liquor store. A man then walks up as if he is intoxicated, “Yo. (inaudible). You can’t rap! Uhm. Have you gonna tell me that you are a got’ damn rapper?” Boosie then takes it upon himself to smack the hell out of the guy with an open hand, “What the f**k wrong with you, mane?!” The man is seen stumbling back and holding his jaw.

The scene is shot in more than one angle, capturing the slap and proving that it was a planned event.

Boosie posted the video to his Instagram account of over one million followers and his account was later banned. It is being reported by Brobible that Instagram thought the tapping was a little too much and banned Boosie for a second time. Boosie’s previously had another encounter with Instagram and they banned his account with over six million followers.

Another video of Boosie paying the “actor” $500 was posted and them tipping him an additional $54.

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