Black media companies band together to demand change from General Motors

Some of the country’s top black-owned media groups are voicing their concerns about the country’s biggest automaker, General Motors, and it’s CEO, Mary Barra, accusing her of being a racist.

TheGrio has reported that their CEO, Byron Allen, Ice Cube (Cube Vision, Big3 and CWBA), Roland Martin (Nu Vision Media), Todd F. Brown (Urban Edge Networks and HBCU League Pass), Earl “Butch” Graves Jr. (Black Enterprise), Don Jackson (Central City Productions), and Junior Bridgeman (Ebony Media) have all banded together to take out a full page ad in the Detroit Free Press.

The ad accuses Barra of being a racist and never taking the time over the years to meet with any of the media heads when requested. TheGrio shares that the ad reads, “You stand on stage, after the death of George Floyd, saying, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ when you have refused to acknowledge us. The very definition of systemic racism is when you are ignored, excluded and you don’t have true economic inclusion.”

The group also accuses General Motors of only spending .5% of their advertising budget with Black owned media companies while Blacks continue to spend billions on their vehicles.

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