Black Cincinnati lounge owner denies Black women entry because of their hair

Cincinnati, Ohio – Copa, a Black owned restaurant/lounge is caught up in a media frenzy after denying service to several Black women with reservations because of their hair.

The restaurant owner, Jay Rodg, allegedly pulled the women to the side before they entered the lounge. Making side jokes about their appearances (weave), “I’m not trying to be nasty or rude but when you were walking over here, I could see your cap under your hair.” Rodg turned to another woman in the group and said to her, “And you, I can see your criss crosses.”

Upset with Rodg quality of service, the women eventually went to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate one’s birthday. But they took to social media to share their experiences with Copa. Reviews and ratings for Copa on Yelp and Google has dropped dramatically because of reviews by reviewers upset with the poor customer service provided by Rodg.

Since the incident has taken place Rodg has post on Instagram announcing Copa change of dress code, “Wanna send a shoutout to my city for making #BrunchOnTheLow/#BrunchClub at Cop the #1 destination for Tristate each and every Sunday. Shoutout to all of towners who pull up, Louisville, Indianapolis, Middletown, Akron Springfield, Cleveland, Detroit & every other city I forgot. We appreciate yall! Side Note, as of April; 1st #FreshCode will be strictly enforced, we understand this won’t make everybody happy, but Copa ain’t for everything.

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