Viral video of Wal-Mart fight is not of former Raider Bruce Campbell

A viral video of a physical altercation in a Wal-Mart is leading viewers to believe that one man involved is a former Las Vegas Raider athlete, Bruce Campbell.

The starts off with a man mistaken as Campbell making threats with another man off screen. After a minute or so of exchanging threats between each other. The second man finally comes rushing on the screen ready to fight.

Both man exchange blows, but the man many believed that was Campbell eventually falls. Phil West, a writer at Daily Dot verifies that the fallen man is not Campbell and the Instagram account, “Raider Albert,” is responsible for leaking the video and is known for trolling the Raiders.

Whoever the man is, we hope that he is alright. He has been reported to have been taken to the hospital for a broken jaw.

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