South Carolina

White Army officer charged with third degree assault of a Black man

Columbia, South Carolina – An army officer, Jonathan Pentland, has been arrested and charged with third degree assault of a young Black man after a video has gone viral showing their encounter.

The young man was walking through a neighborhood when Pentland stopped and told him that he wasn’t allowed in the area, “Check this out. You either walk away or I am going to carry your ass out of here.” Pentland continues on with his aggressiveness as the young man politely tells him to do not touch him. At one point Pentland smacks the young man’s cell phone out of his hands. Causing it to crack after hitting the ground.

Though the young man maintains that he lives within the community, but Pentland does not care and continues to harass the young man while his wife stands close by instigating the whole thing.

The recorded video of the interaction went viral and drew the attention of local residents that united together to protest in front of Pentland’s home.

Pentland was later arrested and charged with three degree aggravated assault. According to CBS News, Pentland’s commanding officer at Fort Jackson does not condone Pentland’s behavior, “by no means condoned by any service member… We will get to the bottom of this ASAP.”

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