Black Rob passes away

After dealing with the passing of DMX, it breaks my heart to hear of the passing of another Hip Hop great, Black Rob.

Back in 2000 while interning at So So Def Recordings, there were so many great Hip Hop acts out at the time, and one of my favorites was Bad Boy Records’s, Black Rob. When Black Rob’s “Whoa!” came out, I was loving it. Blasting it everywhere I was going from my CD walkman.

I don’t remember exactly who it was, but it was either Ms. Diane Makowski or Eddie Weathers of So So Def’s A&R Department that asked me to take make a lyric sheet of DaBrat’s verse on Black Rob’s “Woah” remix. She freestyled her verse and didn’t know exactly what she said. So they needed someone to go back and listen to it to write a lyric sheet. Lol… I took a pen and pad, and the dat tape and sat a small sound room for a least two hours listening to it over and over bobby my head doing NOTHING; I was loving the song! I was so hype to hear that there was a remix, and the DaBrat was on it too?!?!?!?! “You f*ck up my check. I’m calling Lucy like, ‘WOAH’!” Referring to Lucy Raoof, her manager at the time (don’t know if Lucy still manages DaBrat).”

Before Black Rob’s epic 15 years and four album career, he made many guest appearances on various Bad Boy songs with: 112, Faith, Mase, Total, The Notorious B.I.G. and Diddy himself. Finally in 1999, Black Rob released his debut studio album, “Life Story,” with his biggest hit, “Whoa!

Born as Robert Ross, these past couple of years has been a struggle for him after suffering from several heart attacks. It is reported by Revolt.TV that Ross has been living homeless and battling kidney failure. Ross leaves behind four children.

Rest In Paradise Robert “Black Rob” Ross

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