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New Jersey teens’ bikes confiscated for riding without registration; one teen placed in “protective custody”

Perth Amboy, New Jersey – Its been a year and everyone has been stuck in the house due to the pandemic. As fears of the pandemic eases, more and more people are looking forward to being outside, especially teens!

Perth Amboy, a suburb of New York City, a dozen of teens (mostly Black and Hispanics) got together to ride their bikes and enjoy company amongst one another. Like many locations across the country, it is illegal to ride bikes on sidewalks. So abiding the law, these teens rode their bikes along with traffic to avoid any conflicts with pedestrians.

One of the teens wore a head cam and it shows their activities: performing wheelies, performing bike tricks off the steps, trading off a blue balloon, going into corner store to purchase everyone bottle water and more. And of course, as teens there were times when they were behaving just as that, teens.

At the videos 5:53 mark, police comes into the scene follows the teens around and the teens tries their best to get away. Finally, at the 8:11 mark, the cops were able to catch up with the kids, “Stop right there. Everyone stop right there,” says a female cop over her vehicle’s loud speaker.

Then you here another cop, “Come on guys stop. I want to talk to you guys.”

You here one of the kids responding back, “Last time ya’ll did that ya’ll took my bike. No.”

The teens were spoken to without any problems about riding in “groups of 30 or 40 people,” and warned them that thy need to have their bikes registered. The cops walked away without any problems, but another female cop showed up at the 11:05 mark with an aggressive manner trying to take the kids bikes.

The cop argues that she gave them a previous warning, but the kids argue different. All of their bikes were confiscated and one of the kids (a Black male) was placed in protective custody because of not being compliant with the officers. has reported that all of the bikes were released back to the teens

The executive director of the ACLU New Jersey, Amol Sinha, twitted, “Are the police really arresting kids over bike registrations? Does it really require this many officers to address whatever situation this is? Police CANNOT continue to be our response to EVERYTHING.”


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