Shock G dead at 57

Tampa Bay, Florida – He once sang in a comedic manner, “from the oo-we-ooo-we-ooo,” Shock G was the lead rapper from the Oakland base group, Digital Underground.

Born as Gregory Jacobs in Brooklyn, New York, Jacobs moved around a lot before settling in Oakland, California, and eventually started Digital Underground. He helped give the start to one of Hip Hop’s most iconic figures, Tupac Shakur. When Tupac left Digital Underground to start his own solo career, Jacobs was there with him making a number of hit songs: “I Get Around,” “So Many Tears,” and more.

Jacobs was known for his eye glasses with fake nose attachment. He was often called, “Humpty Hump.” Jacobs was found dead in his hotel room in Tampa Bay, Florida. His cause of death ahs yet to be reveled.

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