A disabled military veteran working as an Amazon delivery driver struggles to rehang a fallen flag, but instead does this…

As a disabled delivery driver, it is difficult for this man to carry heavy packages and bend down over and over. His walk alone displays the amount of pain that he constantly goes through.

On this day the Amazon employee makes a delivery attempt and documents it. While finishing up with documenting the delivery attempt, a flag falls from what appears to be from the roof. The Amazon employee walks over to the flag bends down to pick it up, he struggles to bend over.

Not being able to place the flag back where it fell from the former soldier has another ideal. He elegantly folds the flag in a ceremonially fashion his own. Then lays it down on the delivered packages. Before leaving, the former soldier properly salutes the flag and turns about and nearly loses his balances trying to do so.

No matter this man’s handicap, he was determine to not only show respect for the flag, but his country and for those we lost proudly protecting this country. Thank you for your service.


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