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Harvey Weinstein placed in isolation after testing positive for the coronavirus

Albany, New York – After testing positive for the coronavirus, former producer, Harvey Weinstein, has been placed in isolation. Held at the Wende Correctional Facility in Western New York, Weinstein was one of the two people that have tested positive. READ MORE: At New York prison, Harvey Weinstein put in …

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New York man will do one year in prison after threatening the life of Rep. IIhan Omar

Addison, New York – Patrick W. Carlineo, Jr., 56, has been sentenced to serve one year and one day after threatening to take the life of Minnesota representative, IIhan Omar. Carlineo pleaded guilty in November and on Friday he was sentenced, but the sentence may have been worst if it …

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A date night couple dragged off a NYC subway train after being mistaken as suspects to a 911 call

Brooklyn, New York – After enjoying a night out with one another, a young Black couple that appeared to be in their early 20s were minding their own business on a subway train, and were later mistaken for crime suspects.The New York Post has posted a video that has gone …

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